Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summer Holidays

We have exactly two weeks left of the summer holidays and I cannot believe how quickly it has flown by. A will be starting full time in September and as she has already been in the nursery for 15 hours a week it won't be too much of a big thing for her. She knows her teachers and she has her little friends and she is very, very settled in her surroundings. I, however, was not prepared for how I would feel during our six weeks together.


When she started pre-school, she turned into a monster. Seriously. My lovely, polite, kind, caring, sensitive little girl turned into a creature we suddenly didn't know how to handle sometimes! And it lasted until at least christmas time! To be honest, I was expecting it. All kids change when they are exposed to other children and different settings etc but it was such a drastic change I was blown away. Obviously we had a relatively new baby too so that had an impact on her I imagine.

We experienced tamtrums that wouldn't end, door slamming, hitting and kicking and a whole host of things she had never done before. It took a lot of patience and consistency to turn things around. and really, in the grand scheme of things she was never that bad. she never misbehaved at school or outside of the house, it was more a case of testing her boundaries at home. Nonetheless, it was such a distressing time for everyone involved i'm nervous about her return after 6 weeks of having my daughter back again!

We have had the best time. There have been no getaways this year but there has been plenty of playing. From visiting castles and lighthouses to hide and seek in the woods we've tried to do it all. She's even making a scrapbook of her first ever summer hoildays. Easily the best thing about staying at home has been the psat few weeks with my little girl and baby boy. The two of them have grown even closer and A and I have an even stronger relationship than we started with.

This little one is so much fun. I can't believe she's big enough for school. oh, how i shall miss her.

 p.s what I love about this picture is that the whole thing had to be returned...not being very seasoned at this mother malarky (after 4 years) I suddenly realised that P.E was going to take a difficult turn with all those buttons....


  1. What a gorgeous girl! Good luck to both of you for the big transition! x



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